Innovation Day Reflection


Innovation Day was innovative!  No one really new what to expect.  There was great excitement, plenty of activity, creativity on display, and room for improvement.  As we talked through the day about Innovation Days across the globe, teachers and I discuss the thought behind the first Innovation day and how we might get that concept started from day one next year.

The national Innovation Day was February 6th this year.  The idea behind this day is to spot a problem, think of a solution, and create something as a result! Innovation Day is all about imagining new, better ways of doing things. How will we be innovative next year?

  • We’ll start at the beginning of the year in homerooms and advisory classes.  Students will have August to identify a real world problem and present the problem to their teachers.
  • Multiple examples via video will be provided to get kids thinking in the right directions.
  • Students will have periodic innovation days throughout the year to research their problem and attempt to come up with a solution.
  • I will create a “Teacher’s Guide to Innovation Day” document that teachers will use to walk students through the steps of innovation, then marketing and even possibly patenting their ideas.
  • The best projects from each advisory class will appear on CMS and WES first “Shark Tank”.  This will be held in the CMS auditorium.
  • They will have to present their ideas and market them.
  • A silent auction could actually be held on innovation day at the Frisco Center, where students could sell their products to the public to make money for the makerspace.
  • We will use the Invention Convention Guidebook as a curriculum resource.

What’s already done:

The Student Inventors Journal has been adapted and recreated for our purposes using Google Docs.

What needs to be done:

  • The makerspace will need to be supplied with equipment and tools that students may need to build their inventions.
  • Create Teacher Guide
  • Approval for Fund Raiser forms will need to be turned in.
  • Sharks for the Shark Tank will need to be identified and invited.
  • Schedule the Main Convention
  • Team of Teachers Donley, Blundell, Pugh, Wheeler, Lillie

Community Involvement

  • Sharks for the Shark Tank
  • Board of Ed and Foundation Judge the Invention Fair
  • Setting up Booths (community displays) of innovation


  • Presentation Boards
  • Soldering Gun
  • Storage Bins
  • Tools of all kinds